Soul Searching Sunday

    Yes.  Yes.  Yes!  I have honestly lived by this phrase.  So many times things come up that are not ideal, not easy or convenient, and definitely try every last bit of patience I have… but I always remember telling myself and my husband “nothing worth having is easy.”  I grew up constantly hearing it from my dad…I despise when he’s right:).

    Shaun and I have both bought homes and sold homes and some of the in between moments were very stressful!  We wanted to throw our hands up and say “forget it!”  It’s normal to feel that way when working so hard for something you so deeply desire.  That goes for anything in life not just real estate.

    Let me expand on this just a bit… as some of you know Shaun was active duty infantry in the US Army and we went where the Army sent him.  We had children on our own and family no where near, we both sacrificed some of our wants and dreams to make his Army career our top priority.  We would always lay in bed at night talking about where our “forever home” was going to be.  Seriously… for over 7 years we had an end goal titled “Forever Home.”  When his Army career came to a abrupt devastating end we found ourselves walking a very confusing, blurry, unclear path.  Our future plans and timeline had just been stomped to oblivion.  Those 2 years of transition were so incredibly trying… not only for my husband- who had just had everything he worked so hard for taken away in a single blast… but for our marriage.  I had always been the home front “hero” and during that time I didn’t feel very strong.  I felt tired… I felt defeated… and I felt like our dreams were further away than they ever had been.  We kept going though… we NEVER gave up.  We never let the pressure of the stress/confusion/instability crush us.  I honestly don’t know how… but we did it.  We fed off of each other so much, he kept me grounded on my bad days and I held him up on his.

    Fast forward to what is now almost a year ago and we were making a move cross country in hopes to find our “forever home.”  (PSA- if you’re going to decide you want to put your Alaska house on the market, and move within a month cross country… make sure you have a ridiculously large amount of caffeine in arms reach.) We were finally doing it.  We were moving HOME.  Our family and friends had waited over 7 years to have us back.  We had both accepted job offers before even starting the U-haul for that … beautiful, long, exhausting trip haha! We were so happy, so thankful, and so ready.  We got home and had started the building process, which took a lot of time and actually ended very badly =(… but despite the stress of being in transition and living in a back house (thank god for my husbands family <3 ) we continued to push forward.  I will not lie and say this was a fun time… it was beyond stressful.  Two kids, a dog, a grumpy husband, and being in other peoples space was not what we had planned at all!  We got up, dusted off, and kept going.  We found our dream home and the process was easy.  It had a few bumps in the road but like I said in my last post, not any deal breakers.  As buyers … we sure thought it was going to be the end of the world, but it wasn’t even close.  We made it to the closing table, and I honestly could have cried.  I couldn’t believe it.  We signed the papers and they handed us our keys.  Shaun and I looked at each other and without a single word we both knew what the other was thinking.  We did it.  We freaking did it. We made it to our FOREVER HOME.  Every horrible day, every life changing event, every laugh, and every cry was worth it.  It was hard… but NOTHING worth having is easy<3.

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